A Leap of Faith

My name is Faith Newsome and I founded OCEANS Lifestyles in the summer of 2018. When I was 16, I underwent gastric bypass. The decision to undergo weight loss surgery came after a lifetime of living with obesity and dealing with its challenges. During my journey, all I wanted was to talk to someone who was going through the same things as me. 

Five years later after my weight loss surgery, I realized the journey never ends and we all need support every step of the way. That’s the idea behind OCEANS: that teens can come together in a completely judgement free space designed specifically for them, to talk about obesity, health, and all the challenges in our individual journeys. I hope you find a community here. I hope you find a safe space. I hope you find support. Ultimately, I hope you feel empowered. 

OCEANS promo

Obesity Action Coalition Conference

Dates: August 1-3rd

Location: Tampa, Florida

We will be set up in the exhibitor hall for you to come and see us!

Future Events

More OCEANS events coming soon!

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